The Great House

The historic Great House is perched on a prominent hill at the heart of Prospect Plantation. It overlooks much of the estate and has an uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea. It is possibly the best preserved of all the Jamaican Great Houses kept as residences today.

The Great House was originally built as a fort and later developed into a home. Its walls are three feet thick, constructed of blocks of locally sourced white limestone with twenty nine loopholes. It is furnished with fine antique mahogany furniture which blends perfectly with the weathered cedar paneling. 18th century seascapes, Spanish floral pieces and ancestral portraits decorate the interior.

An extensive flower garden was laid out with shrubs of bougainvillea, allamanda and beaumontia, all of which are immaculately maintained today.

The Great House retains its original charm and 19th century grandeur. Visitors are intrigued by the history of the house, the beauty of the gardens and marvel at the spectacular views. A visit to the Great House is included in the Prospect Plantation tour.

The lawns and gardens of the Great House are ideal for weddings and special events and can accommodate up to two hundred guests.